The best breathing apparatus in Kazakhstan from the company “KAZINTRUST”

Today, security issues have a special place in any field of activity. The main requirement for the employer is to ensure the complete safety of their employees. Providing full protection at home, at work and at production, is the main task of each. For these purposes, it is necessary to purchase special products designed to protect the entire body and special measuring devices to determine the level of contamination. The company “KAZINTRUST” is pleased to offer only high-quality and reliable products of Kazakhstani production.

  • Gas analyzers in Kazakhstan
  • Personal protective equipment (for the head, respiratory organs, body, etc.)
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Compressors
  • Detectors
  • Protective clothing
  • Breathing apparatus

In cases of accidents, the main devices that protect the respiratory organs are breathing apparatus in Kazakhstan. KAZINTRUST provides with all necessary types of isolating and filtering protective equipment for respiratory organs.

The main area where breathing apparatus is used is firefighting. The company “KAZINTRUST” offers additional equipment for firefighters and rescuers.
* Subject that protects the head from possible injury
* Means that protects the organs of vision from various damages
* Products, preventing falls from height
* Workwear
* Working footwear

The company “KAZINTRUST”, here you will find a variety of proven breathing apparatus in Kazakhstan. All offered goods are certified and meet international quality standards. The company “KAZINTRUST” with us is always reliable!