Gas detector Altair 4XR

«Kazintrust» LLP suggests novelty of portable gas detector produced by MSA Safety which is family of ALTAIR 4XR with data transmission on a mobile phone through the channel Bluetooth.

Gas detector Altair 4XR – reliable multi-channel detector, measuring simultaneously till four gases: oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, also explosive gases and vapors. The comfortable, strong, rubberized corpus provides the highest crashworthiness and allows device to sustain falling from a height to 6 meters on the concrete floor.  Large, easily pressed in gloves buttons and a high contrast display allows you to use easily ALTAIR 4X in any situations, including low illumination. The full range of accessories is available for order.

The most significant advantage of Altair 4XR is a new technology of sensors.

The sensors MSA XCell have twice as much than industry average lifetime and developed using patented MSA technologies ASIC. The electronics, which control working of every sensor, is situated in the corpus of the sensor.

Sensors Xcell

The new sensors MSA XCell differ with excellent stability, accuracy and reproducibility of indications. They have a long lifetime with average of 4 years. The indicator of end-of-life of sensors informs previously user about required service operations. The microelectronics, built into the sensor, significantly reduces a time response, also the time, spent on calibration and checking.