Kazakhstan takes 12th place in terms of oil reserves and 21st place in gas reserves in the world. There are many fields in Kazakhstan, where drilling and exploitation of oil-gas condensate wells, as well as various well operations are performed. In connection with the drilling and maintenance of wells, there are many different dangers that threaten human life, and one of the important dangers in borehole operations is the manifestation of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless toxic gas with the smell of rotten eggs at low concentrations, which is capable of causing serious harm to health.

Our company offers you a complex for hydrogen sulfide protection, which will allow you to detect prematurely and warn about the danger of gas manifestation thereby securing the personnel working on the territory of the dangerous area. The complex consists of monitoring station and specialized equipment such as control panels, stationary detectors for the detection of explosive and toxic gases, portable detectors, air-breathing devices for evacuation and rescue purposes, air compressor, and system for collecting and supplying compressed air.