ALTAIR 2X gas analyzers are designed to measure the content of harmful gases (carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, chlorine) in the air of the working area. The ALTAIR 2X gas detectors are portable automatic one- or two-channel device with continuous action. The gas detectors are constructively made in single-block plastic rubber-coated casing (dark gray or white phosphorescent). The principle of measurements is electrochemical. Gas analyzers ALTAIR 2X are available in 3 main versions:

– One-channel H2S gas detector with   XCell Pulse Technology (checking gas detector workability without gas feed);

– Two-channel gas detector with dual electrochemical XCell (CO/H2S, CO-H2/H2S, CO/NO2, O2/H2S) sensor;

– One-channel gas detector with electrochemical XCell (CO, CO-H2, COHC, H2S, SO2, NO2, NH3, Cl2) sensor.