PremAire Escape

Emergency rescue breathing apparatus PremAire Escape with excess pressure on compressed air with a short protective action time (EN 402) provides protection of respiratory tract at evacuation from high concentrated zones of toxic substances in surrounding atmosphere. It was developed by our customers from oil and gas industry from around the world, which underlined a need in a quick-wearing and easy-to-use respirator with components, which endure the highest levels of potential leakage of industrial gases and aggressive chemical environments. PremAire Escape allows user without any difficulty to evacuate from potential dangerous environment. It ensures 10-15 minutes of using for a safe evacuation. The standard PremAire Escape is equipped with a full-face 3S mask. For high concentrated potential leakage of industrial gases, such as deadly dangerous H₂S, product can be equipped with PremAire Mask-Hood.

msa the safety companyPremAire Escape with mask-hood PremAire Mask-Hood

 PremAire Escape with a hood mask PremAire Mask-Hood is suitable for difficult evacuation scenarios, especially at very high concentrations of industrial gases such as H₂S. The design of the mask hood is based on the proven full face mask 3S, which over the past decades has been sold in millions of copies. Combined mask-hood equipped with two independent protective barriers. The first protective seal is the usual tight fitting face seal combined with the overpressure created by the field-tested AutoMaXX lighter. The second protective barrier is created by sealing the hood / neck, which completely isolates the sealing line of the mask from the surrounding gas atmosphere.

msa the safety company

PremAire Escape with full face mask 3S 

PremAire Escape  with a full-face 3S mask suitable for standard evacuation versions, at which concentrations of industrial gases are under control. 3S provides safety, comfort and durability. The headband lets to put mask on quickly in a danger situation. Front side made of soft rubber compound and equipped with wide sealing frame and a deeper chin rest for a firm and comfortable fit. Inner mask procures optimum air flow and prevents pad fogging. The pad is made of shockproof polycarbonate and ensures wide field of view for a safe evacuation.