Self-rescuer miniSCAPE is one-off apparatus with a protective action time of 5 minutes, which is produced on the basis of the advanced technology of filtering materials TabTec. Self-rescuer is equipped with mouthpiece and nasal clip, providing thereby unsurpassed isolation of the user’s breath. A small and comfortable miniSCAPE can be placed in pockets of working coveralls or any other clothing. The presence of molded fastening on the belt makes wearing of self-rescuer easier, hygienic and convenient plastic storage case allows you to transfer the device to unlimited amount of people, for example, mechanics or shift workers.


The miniSCAPE filter is approved as evacuation АВЕК-5 filter according to the DIN 58647-T7 norm. It protects from big amount of dangerous gases and smoke, including from:

  • Organic vapors, solvents (for example, benzene, tetrachloroethane, trichlorethylene, …)
  • Inorganic gases (for example, hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen sulphide, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, …)

The miniSCAPE has convenient and reliable silicone mouthpiece, which is directly connected with filter body. Nose clip attached to the filter and can’t be lost. The evacuation miniSCAPE stored in a shockproof case, which is opened quickly and easy, if pull the tab on the front. Easily understandable instructions for use are easily readable from the outside through the transparent case.

Filters technology

A distinctive feature of evacuation filter miniSCAPE is a new type of TabTec filters. Instead of commonly used before filters with carbon granulate is used a carbon tablets. In comparison, with simple filters, patented “tab” technology provides such filtering properties and moreover the possibility of choosing a form with a reduced size. In this way, weight, sizes and use of materials harmful to the environment are reduced. The TabTec technology reliably prevents danger of tunnel formation in carbon tablet, which in ordinary filters leads to a rapid break of hazardous substances.