S5000 is an ideal gas detector for extreme conditions that require the detection of oxygen, toxic and combustible gases. It operates in a wide temperature range using various gas detection technologies. The S5000 gas analyzer uses the new advanced XCell® sensor technology and TruCal® technology, which extend the interval between calibrations to 18 months. Thanks to the use of these technologies, the service life of sensors has been increased to 5 years. Also, these sensors have a higher operating temperature (+ 75 ° C), improved resolution for H2S (0.1 ppm) and improved stability (reduced drift). The sensor can be replaced quickly and safely, without shutting down the device, thanks to SafeSwap® technology. The S5000 supports two digital sensors or one passive sensor at the same time.

The device can work using Bluetooth® wireless technology, which allows you to check the status and receive a notification at a distance of up to 21 m, you can also change the settings of the set values of the warning signals, start calibration and view progress. All this allows reducing the preparation time of the device for operation by at least 50%. You can adjust the device with a magnet, the interface works on the touch buttons. Body material – stainless steel, highly resistant to corrosion. Over the long term, the S5000 gas analyzer saves money due to its long service life, extended calibration life and reliability.